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Welcome to ShutterBug Land Featuring a Ton of Amazing Free Themes!

Is your ShutterBug hungry for more themes?

Crush the hunger....Get Creative, Be Inspired, Take Control.

ShutterBug's Theme Library already contains a total of 26 stylish themes - there are 4 folders divided

by category, that contain various different themes. ShutterBugLand adds more than 32 more themes

for you to choose from, plus former "Klassic" themes from earlier ShutterBug versions. In total,

ShutterBug offers you more than 84 different, cool, and beautiful looks you can apply to your

site in a snap!

And that's not the best part:

•  They're all FREE to registered ShutterBug users!

•  They're all fully customizable, from minor tweaks to a complete overhaul - your choice

•  They all contain anywhere from 4-6 templates for quick page customization

Don't just customize your pages, customize or completely change the theme!

It's up to you what you do with your selected theme - let it inspire you to create your own design, let

it carry the day, or just tweak only a few elements to your liking. ShutterBug themes give you the

freedom, control, and empowerment to wow any visitor at your site. And you don't have to worry

about cross-platform browser compatibility - that's always taken care of for you, it's the

ShutterBug way!

How to Use This Site

Downloading a Theme:

The first time you download a theme, you will be prompted for your serial number for verification

purposes. Simply input your number, and the download will then continue. You will not have to enter

your serial number again on future downloads. This process exists to ensure only registered users

have access to the themes on this site. The themes require ShutterBug V2.1 or greater. To update to

the latest version, please click here.

Selecting a Theme:

The themes are organized into categories. The number of themes in each category varies. Each

category page displays a thumbnail of each theme included in that particular category. Clicking a

thumbnail will take you to a more detailed page that shows thumbnails of the templates included with

the selected theme, as well as a brief feature list, read me notes where applicable, and a link to

download the theme. To see a large view of each template, click on the thumbnails. To download a

theme, click the accompanying download link.

Importing a Theme:

Once you have downloaded your theme, go to ShutterBug's Preview mode, and click the Select

Theme button at the top of the interface. This will open the Theme Library window where you can

access the Import button:

1.  From the theme library window, either select the folder to import the new theme to, or create a

new folder for the theme.

2.  Hit the Import Theme button. A Finder window will open.

3.  Locate the desired theme from the finder window. ShutterBug themes have a .xlzip file extension.

4.  Hit Open. The theme will be dropped into the selected folder in your library.

Customizing a Theme:

Inspired to customize a theme? It's a snap using ShutterBug's WYSIWYG design tools, an ability that

none of the alternative products offer you. The Layout window is among one of the most powerful

tools inside of ShutterBug - if you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out on one of the most value-

added features of ShutterBug. You don't need any knowledge of graphic design or HTML know-how to

let your creative juices flow inside of ShutterBug's easy to use Layout window!

To begin browsing and downloading themes, click the Browse Themes button in the

navigation menu above, or click here to go to the main theme page.